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Interview With Amie Valpone Of TheHealthyApple.Com

Amie Valpone, the brilliant gal behind TheHealthyApple.Com, is on a mission to “change the way people eat”. As a culinary nutritionist, author, professional recipe creator, and food photographer, Amie promotes a healthy, diet-free lifestyle full of wholesome and satisfying foods. She specializes in showing others that a clean lifestyle (free of gluten, dairy, and soy) can be simple and fun. Amie’s passion for clean eating stems from a story of triumph. After suffering with digestive issues for many years, Amie adopted a healthy, organic lifestyle that cured her debilitating pain. She strongly believes that detoxification and an organic diet can heal the body, and she shares her disease-fighting secrets through her blog, recipes, private nutrition services, and book, Eating Clean:...

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