6 Simple Exercises That Show Results After One Workout


This exercise is a hidden gem that not very many people know about.  This exercise is mainly used by women for adding some size and firmness to their glutes. A lot of experienced and professional trainers suggest this exercise to the beginners. This can be done with or without dumbbells. However, it is better to use a dumbbell because you will get to see the results more quickly. Position yourself into a staged stance along with the rear foot in an elevated motion and the front foot forward. Hold a dumbbell on each of your hands. Now, let them hand at the sides. This is the starting position. Start by going downwards, flexing the knees and the hips to go down. While doing this, it is critical to keep a good posture. Keep in mind that throughout the whole exercise, you need to keep the body as straight as possible. At the bottom of the movement, drive through the heel to extend the knee as well as the hip to return to the original position. You can exclude the dumbbells if you want.


This is all about the hips. You need to stand over the kettlebell with the chest up, shoulders back and down and feet hip-width apart. The kettlebell should be in the line of the middle of your feet. Select the kettlebell which helps you in swinging freely. Grip the bell with the palms of your hand, and thumbs wrapped around its handle. Stand tall holding the bell. Keep the arms long. Now, lower the rear end of your back and down. This is the time; you should be ready to swing into action. Driving through the heels, explode through the hips to send the weight swinging upward from the quads. Go for the height of the chest along with the arms extended. Now, as the weight of the kettlebell starts to go down, let the weight do the work.


This is the only exercise that stimulates both the lower and upper body. Stand to keep your spine straight. Now, you need to set the stance. So, step up to the bar, and in this way, the feet are about the shoulder width apart, and the barbell is at the middle point of the feet. Now, you need to bend the knees and grab the barbell. Actively push the knees out and keep the spine as straight as possible. Hold the barbell in your hand and stand straight. Try to keep it as long as possible, keeping the right posture. Place the barbell right on the place and this is here your deadlift finishes.


This is one of the best leg exercises. You need to lie on the exercise mat with the legs extended and the hands either the palms facing down beside you or under the glutes. You now, need to bend knees and pull the upper part of the thighs into the midsection. Now, continue this motion until the knees are on the level of your chest. Contract the abs while executing this movement and hold for a second at the top. Inhale and return to the beginning position.  


These are one of the simplest yet useful exercises of all. It will help you in acquiring the perfect back you are dreaming about. In the starting, you need to stand tall with the hip wide apart and the arms down by the side. Start to lower your body back as much as possible by pushing the hips back and bending your knees. Here, you will push the body weight into your heels. Keep the posture of the body straight. By lowering the body, your arms will raise out in front of you for balancing. The lower part of the body will be parallel to the floor, and chest should be lifted. Pause for a moment and start to lift back in position.


Chin ups are a very beneficial exercise for the beginners. You do not need much to do this exercise, and this is not that difficult. Well, this is how you need to do this. Grab the pull-up bar with the palms of your hand facing the torso and a grip closer than the width of the shoulder. As you have both of your arms extended, holding the bar at the chosen grip width, keep the torso as straight as possible. Create a curvature on the lower back and stick the chest out. This is the starting position. As you breathe out, pull the torso up until your head is around the same level of the pull-up bar. You should concentrate on using the muscles of the biceps and keep the elbows as close to the body as possible. After a second of squeezing your biceps in a contracted position, lower the torso back to the beginning position slowly. Breathe in a while doing this movement.

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