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See How Easily You Can Get Healthy, Natural Flavored Water

You need to stay healthy and hydrated, and a glass of water is the best way to do that, but sometimes …

 You just don’t like plain water. You want something more.


There are a lot of options on the market, but they all have a lot of added chemicals, sugar and calories that are terrible for your body.  And let’s face it—Gatorade and other bottled drinks are expensive and full of sugar. While tap water is free, the taste is boring.


You can buy flavor additives, but the majority of them have the same chemicals, artificial colors and flavors that go into soft drinks, making them a toxic choice.

 An infuser bottle is your easy answer to naturally flavored water that tastes amazing.

 The experts at The Detox Bottle have created an innovative water bottle that makes it easy to get in the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.  They asked the question: how can you get flavor in your water without turning to sports drinks or artificially flavored water that add an unnecessary amount of sugar and chemicals to your system?


 Their findings …


 Use fruit and veggies to naturally flavor to plain old tap water.

 The Detox Bottle design team created a water bottle with an interior chamber to hold your choice of cut-up fruits or vegetables that use the natural juices from the food to infuse plain water with a delicious flavor.

 If you’ve ever added a slice of lemon to a glass of water, you’ll understand the appeal behind the Infuser Water Bottle. The interior chamber contains the fruit and its seeds so you experience only the fresh, flavored water.  Thousands have tried this unique bottle and found it turns bland water into a flavorful, delightful, and refreshing drink—all naturally with no preservatives, sugar, or unwanted chemicals.


 Imagine cucumber, melon, and a sprig of mint. Or orange slices, raspberries, and kiwi.

 You’re only limited to flavored water by your own imagination. But to help you with ideas, the Infuser Water Bottle comes with a handy recipe book to pick and choose your favorites.  To make the Infuser Water Bottle even more practical, it’s made of commercial grade triton plastic and is leak-proof and 100% BPA free. And so you’ll never need worry about your Infuser Water Bottle, it comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

 Now you can have flavored water that’s completely healthy and tastes great.




Get the water your body needs with flavors that you choose. You’re no longer stuck with the flavors on the grocery store shelf. Combine and create your own particular blend—and enjoy water all day long.



The Detox Bottle is making their cutting edge water bottle available to the public here while supplies last. When you click here, you can read more about the benefits of and ideas for using the Infuser Water Bottle, read reviews of happy customers, even see video of the product in use.

Cheaper and healthier than flavored bottled water, get your Infuser Water Bottle today.


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