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Do You Have Low Energy Levels? This could be why...

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome (or simply, a collection of signs/symptoms) that occur when the adrenal glands are performing below normal or necessary levels. The syndrome affects individuals who are under physical, mental or emotional stress. There are several causes of adrenal fatigue. For instance, the syndrome can be caused by prolonged or intense stress mostly. The syndrome can also arise after or during acute or chronic infections (especially after respiratory infections like bronchitis, influenza and pneumonia). 

As the names suggests, the main symptom of the syndrome is fatigue that isn’t relived by sleep like normal fatigue. It is also worth noting that the syndrome isn’t readily identifiable because it isn’t accompanied by obvious signs manifested by physical illness although you generally feel unwell and tired. 


The main causes of adrenal fatigue: Dehydration and lack of vitamin C 

Although there are many causes of adrenal fatigue including those mentioned above, the main causes are dehydration and lack of vitamin C. Lack of vitamin C is a major cause of adrenal fatigue because vitamin C is by far the most important nutrient needed for the adrenal glands to function properly. In fact, the highest vitamin C concentrations in the body reside in the brain, eyes and adrenal glands. 

The adrenal glands are packed with vitamin C because the vitamin is essential in the production of adrenal hormones such as Cortisol. Adrenal fatigue can therefore be dealt with effectively by taking fruits such as oranges which are rich in vitamin C. It is however important to note that fruits in general (including oranges) are rich in sugar which is known to cause weight gain. So how do you get rid of adrenal fatigue effectively without gaining weight?


The Detox Bottle 

The answer lies in the Detox Bottle, an infuser water bottle capable of absorbing vitamins (vitamin C) from fruits leaving out the sugar that causes weight gain. With the Detox Bottle, you get the perfect solution for adrenal fatigue which is; plenty of naturally flavored drinking water packed with vitamin C minus the sugar responsible for causing weight gain.

In fact, the Detox Bottle is designed to help you lose weight. The bottle, as the name suggests, helps you detoxify which offers weight loss benefits among many other health benefits. 

The Detox Bottle offers all these health benefits in one. Let’s face it! Many people hate drinking water. There are many reasons behind this the most notable being the fact that water is actually tasteless. If water tasted good, most people wouldn’t have a problem drinking enough water per day which would eliminate problems such as dehydration. 

The Detox Bottle makes drinking water enjoyable by infusing nutrients such as vitamin C in regular drinking water without including the calories that most people are afraid of. As a result, you can enjoy drinking water on a regular basis, get essential nutrients in the body, detoxify and lose weight all at the same time. 


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