Fat Flush Detox Water Recipe

- One Lime
- Five Strawberries
- A Pinch of Cinnamon

1. Slice the lime into seven or eight thin slices.

2. Wash the strawberries, remove the green stem, and then finally slice each strawberry into four or five thin slices.

3. Take all of the fruit and drop it into your bottle of water, add in the pinch of cinnamon, pop the cap on, and shake it to your heart's desire. This will help to muddle together all of the flavors and release all of the important vitamins and minerals into your water.

Each of these ingredients has their own special properties that will give this water the incredible power to revitalize your body and help to curb your appetite.

The Power of the Limes - Appetite Control

Limes, along with lemons, have the special ability to help curb appetites. The specific acidic taste of limes triggers a response from the taste buds to the brain that tricks the brain into thinking it has eaten something that is more substantial. Effectively equating this detox water with a meal as far as your brain can tell.


Superior Strawberries - More Vitamin C

As mentioned above, vitamin C has numerous health benefits and strawberries contain even more of the miracle vitamin. Not only this but strawberries contain many other important minerals that provide similar health benefits but there are too many to list!


Cinnamon - Blood Sugar Stabilizer

Cinnamon acts as a powerful blood sugar stabilizer that can help stave off hunger. The body triggers a response in our brain that makes us hungry when we have dramatic drops in blood sugar resulting from a lack of food in our stomachs. By stabilizing our blood sugar for a bit longer, we can make hunger come later and be less intense as the blood sugar decline is gradual.

 What It's Good For

A Natural Diuretic

Natural diuretics are known for their ability to cause the body to remove excess fluid that the body has begun to retain over time that can cause you to weigh significantly more and look more bloated. By removing this excess fluid, you will not only feel lighter, but you will also weigh less while burning the same number of calories.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids in not only fighting off infections but also helps to fight wrinkles and many other age related illnesses. So this will help to keep your body healthy while recovering from exercise the shock to your system that can come from losing a large amount of weight.

Defense Against Weight Related Illnesses

Strawberries have been known to help combat type two diabetes, heart disease, and even prevent strokes. Not to mention this but they are also quite low in sugar, sodium, and are completely fat free, all things that are perfect for losing weight.

Anti-aging Properties

Strawberries are known to contain relatively large amounts of the compound called biotin. Biotin is used to create strong hair and nails that are healthier over all. Strawberries also contain ellagic acid that is important keeping aging skin elastic and prevents it from sagging over time. This will not only keep you healthier, but also make you look it!

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

Our bodies use insulin to help metabolize sugar in our blood stream that can otherwise turn into fat cells if not utilized. We often develop an insulin resistance that makes it harder for insulin to do its job meaning that we gain more fat. Cinnamon helps us to combat this, resulting in less sugar becoming fat cells.

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