How To Get Rid Of Your "Muffin Top" Without Doing Situps or Crunches

Some of us call them love handles, some call it extra cushion, while others refer to it as their jelly belly but most call it the unattractive muffin top. Regardless of what you call it, the bottom line is we all want to get rid of it. With summer just around the corner, everyone is frantically looking for the most effective and efficient workout routine to get their bikini bodies ready to flaunt on the beautiful sandy beaches, and that means getting rid of that hard to handle, muffin top. 

In years past, we were lead to believe that the only way to tighten your midsection was by crunching. Well, that's not the case today. Today there are a wide range of compound body movements or full body workouts that you can perform that will present you, over time, with the results you have long dreamed about. Many of these workouts are not only effective, but remarkably easy to perform. From squats and lunges, to twists and pushes, the line up of effective exercises to best flatten that muffin top is finally here. Here we go!


 1. The Waist Slimming Squat - Squats of any kind are a spectacular exercise that is used for the primary purpose of sculpting the entire body. This particular squat calls for an extra body movement that contributes to your abs effectively and consistently working. With an increased pace that contributes to your cardio workout as well, you will soon be able to melt away that fat quicker and faster than ever. This slimming squat requires you to perform 15 reps to each side. 

Begin by standing up straight, feet set apart by a hips width and hold each end of a small dumb bell weight. Lower into a squatting position, tightening your core muscles as you go, bend your arms at the elbow and move the dumb bell across your chest to the outer portion of the left hip, turning your torso completely then press back up into your standing position and repeat the procedure on the opposite side. When you have completed your 15 reps to each side perform a 60 second cardio jumping jack workout. 

2. Combination Side Bend/Standing Twists - Stand tall, set your feet apart at hips width and your arms at your side. Reach down to your toes with your right arm while placing your left hand on your hip. Stretch down as far as possible towards the ground and then return to the standing position and shift sides. Continue to shift and reach from one side to the other for 100 reps. Once you have completed the first part of this compound exercise, next place your hands behind your head, point your elbows out wide and bend your knees slightly. Tighten your core muscles and do not move your hips, and then twist from one side to the next. Again perform 100 reps. When you have completed the reps, perform a 60 second cardio of running in place. 


3. Rear Lunge with Core Control - This lunging exercise targets not only your muffin top, but other areas of your body as well including your shoulders, arms, and glutes. Place a small weight into your right hand, standing in typical standing position, feet together. Next stretch your arm (right) with dumbbell in hand overhead with your palm facing to the floor, and put the opposite arm directly out to the other side, keeping it shoulder high. Move backwards with your left leg and perform a low to the ground lunge keeping your arm in place and your abs tightened. Then slowly while standing up, shift the left knee forward and bend the opposite elbow in until they are just about touching exhaling as you go and tightening your core muscles. Balance yourself and stretch the left leg straight out behind you while pressing the opposite arm over your head. Do 15 of these reps on one side, then shift and repeat the reps on the other side. When you have completed your reps perform a 60 second cardio running in place quickly.

4. Turkish Plank Push - This sculpting exercise will not only flatten your muffin top, but also sculpt your shoulders, abs, arms, and hips. Place a free weight into your right hand, sit with your left leg extended straight under you with your foot flexed. Next place your right foot on the floor bending at the knee. Put the left hand on the floor aligned with your left hip (this will support your body). Then move your elbow (right) so it touches your left thigh and keep your palm facing forward. Finally, press the weight in your hand straight up as you reach for the ceiling and lift off of the floor. Slowly lower your body back down to the floor, return your arm to the starting position and then gently place the left hip onto the floor and immediately repeat. Perform 15 reps. Once you have completed your reps engage in a 60 second cardio of running in place, but with feet apart as if running in two tires. 

Remember the key to everything in life comes down to dedication and commitment. Such is the case with your exercise routine and weight loss goals as well. If you are like so many other people who have gained weight and are now sporting a muffin top, then rest assured performing these simple but effective exercises each day will certainly help to melt away that muffin top just in time to don your slimmed down body with that eye-catching bikini and make your way to the nearest sandy beach!

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