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How The Detox Bottle Came About...

I didn't set out to create the worlds best water bottle. In fact, when I was younger my passion was in athletics...specifically wrestling. I was extremely fortunate to be an accomplished athlete having competed in both the state and national level and I carried that same amount of passion into the fitness world as a personal trainer. I started my personal training career at the early age of 19 and was fortunate enough to be mentored and given guidance by some of the most elite and well known personal trainers in the United States. I took that knowledge and started my own successful personal training business in 2008 until early 2015 where I then started The Detox Bottle.

I still have a deep passion for fitness but since my time is limited between being a father and running a business, I've put my extensive knowledge of fitness into several online courses and a best selling DVD which I'm very proud of. I'm often asked how I started The Detox Bottle...and I wish I had an interesting story to describe how The Detox Bottle was formed, but the truth is...I saw an opportunity to create a water bottle that allowed people to drink healthy naturally flavored water and that's where it all began. The process behind creating The Detox Bottle included months of long hours, moments of insecurity and many sleepless nights, but in the end...I'm extremely proud to put my name behind it.

In closing...I'm not a huge faceless corporation that doesn't care about its customers. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I'm an extremely average guy that's doing the best I can to run a business and have fun in the process. Sometimes I may have my asst Jennifer helping out with customer support which includes responding to emails and answering phone calls but I can assure you that I'm on my phone every night ready every single email that came in that day. If you've read my bio up until this point then I want to say "thank you." I'm extremely grateful that you're interested enough to do so. If you ever see me out in public then be sure to say hi! I promise I'm nice :)

Fun Facts

I love scary movies...just as long as I'm not watching them alone

I've got this weird obsession with strawberry chap stick....don't ask

I wear gym clothes 24/7

9+ years as an NASM Personal Trainer

I don't act my age...which can be both a blessing and a curse. I have plenty of ex girlfriends that would agree

I would LOVE to be able to start a non profit to help raise money for children born with cancer and to be honest...I think this is where my passion has shifted towards.  If everything goes according to planned then I'll be able to do this is September 2017...right in time for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month *fingers crossed* 


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