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50 Fruit Infuser Water Recipes For Weight Loss, Health & Detox Cleanse - EBOOK 50 Fruit Infuser Water Recipes For Weight Loss, Health & Detox Cleanse - EBOOK 50 Fruit Infuser Water Recipes For Weight Loss, Health & Detox Cleanse - EBOOK

50 Fruit Infuser Water Recipes For Weight Loss, Health & Detox Cleanse - EBOOK

50 Fruit Infuser Water Recipes For Weight Loss, Health & Detox Cleanse - EBOOK

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Fruit infused water is a healthy, nourishing and hydrating beverage with a delicious taste. The nutritional value of the fruit is enhanced by squeezing it to release its juice into water. 

This informative and exciting eBook on fruit infused water recipes will be your indispensable guide to good health. It contains 50 of the best fruit infused water recipes to get rid of harmful toxins, detox your body, boost your metabolism, increase your energy level, improve your body's immune system, control the aging process, and lose weight.

Time Saving, Portable and Easy-to-follow eBook

Written in a simple, and easy-to-read format, this eBook provides the best recipes for detox water as well as fruit infused water. You can easily take the eBook along with you and read it anywhere on your smartphone, kindle reader, ipad, or tablet. Whether you are on a long vacation or a short business trip, you will not miss the opportunity to keep your body, strong, healthy and toxin-free, with the detox water recipes in this book.

In this eBook, you will discover the best way to combine various fruit water to obtain quick and effective results. The detox water recipes provided here have been developed through years of painstaking research and a strong desire to help you experience the following health benefits:

Boost Your Metabolism and Increase Your Energy Level With Detox Water

In this book, you will discover the active compounds in fruit water that can boost metabolism and help you to burn more calories daily. You will also get to know the energy giving vitamins that can boost your physical strength, especially when you need to go for rigorous physical training, or you are experiencing a repeated lag in your fitness level. As you read this book, you will see how fruit infused water can serve as an excellent replacement for less healthy caffeinated energy and sports drinks. In fact, this infused water is safer, healthier and has a better taste than other artificial flavored fruit water you would buy at the store.

Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss

In addition to eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercises, taking fruit infused water can boost your rate of weight loss and help you to attain your desired weight early on. This book shows you why fruit infused water is better than soft drinks and how the fiber it contains can help you to suppress your appetite and reduce food cravings. Taking this beverage regularly will enable you to have control over your eating habits and maintain a healthy weight as well as allowing you to detox.

Slow Down Aging and Prevent Diseases

This book contains fruit infused water recipes that slow down the natural aging process. If you have more than your fair share of wrinkles, you can use the recipes in this book to harness the power of antioxidants and other nutrients that will help you detox and restore your skin's natural glow and smoothness. The detox water recipes you need to use to start seeing remarkable improvement in your skin within a few weeks, can be found in this book.

In addition, you will see fruit infused water recipes that can reduce the risk of contacting ailments like flu, cold, diabetes and heart related diseases. The natural ingredients and antioxidants found in many fruits can help you to curb hyper acidity and maintain a healthy pH balance, so you can reduce the possibility of developing any form of cancer.

Fruit Water Recipes For Detoxification and Improved Digestion

Taking fruit infused water is one of the best ways to cleanse the body and prevent accumulation of toxic substances. In this eBook, you can find the best recipes for eliminating waste from your body and boost the health of your colon. If you have digestive issues or an irritable bowel, you can use fruit infused water made with citrus fruits to enjoy relief. This eBook shows you the best fruit water recipes to accomplish this.

Get a Copy of this Life Changing eBook

Obtaining your copy of this fruit infused water recipes eBook is one of the best investments you can make to keep your body healthy and fit. For a very small price, you will have a minimum of 50 of recipes that have been developed, tested and proven to be effective for weight loss, detoxification, and colon cleansing. Download your copy of this health transforming eBook today.



Here are some of the fruit infused water recipes that can be found in this ebook.


- Lemon Cucumber Water For Fresh Breath

- Strawberry Detox Water For More Energy

- Cucumber Mint Water For Weight Loss

- Cucumber Lemon Water For Better Digestion

- Lemon Cucumber Mint Water For Clear Skin and Weight Loss

- Cucumber Infused Water For Better Sleep

- Lemon Water Recipe For Weight Loss

- Cucumber Water For Clearer Skin and Detoxification  

- Mint Water For Stomach Aches 

- Cucumber Water Recipe For Detox and Body Cleanse



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